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Dec. 21st, 2016 07:02 pm
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today is December 21st 2016. Can you believe it? we're almost done with this year, just 10 more days to go (yeah bcs its a 31-month)

and HELL YEA im ready for a change. Not Exactly.

so today, i was super annoyed most of the time, well- actually since a very long time ago I was so annoyed with myself and everyone around me.
But there are still some good things happening today tho.

first thing first, yesterday, i wrote a fanfic or imagine.. and i posted it on my new Tumblr. it is BLOWING. like lITERALLY. i was so surprised and i was lyk reALLY??! cause i didn't even think it'll be a good one. i just randomly made one, and turns out- people LOVED it!
i the morning people were going HAM on that thing man, like i would get every single notification just about that imagine. and even in the night, it's still going! i was so happy-- ofcourse. i am so happy and glad that people finally enjoys what i love to do most, and it's so amazing.
It's now reaching the number 76 notes and still growing (I hope).
I mean, its not that big of a number- but its still very big cause i saw other people's first imagine was like only 5 notes and so, but mine got 76 notes and also I got so many reblogs and likes, it was just so exceptional and wonderful!

I am so grateful.

my mom was being a complete annoying today. i'm serious. she always have something in mind to tell me and be mad to me about, it's so annoying. i am too tired to like- face her again y'know? cause of her being so mad and moody atst.

basically, i did everything myself today- from the very first time i woke up in the morning. i SWEPT the floor, i IRONED the clothes, i even TIDIED UP the house. but my BROTHERS- they're so annoying they don't even get any chores and what they do all day was just PLAYING and MAKING EVERYTHING MESSY- but yet my mom still is very mad at me and kept on telling me stuffs to do and it;s just so annoying like, can you for a SECOND ask your lovely little SONS of there to work- over ME??? like i was so stressed out m8 :(

she even still is very mad until this miNUTE like seriously?? she was just scolded me with her annoying-ness because of the flippin' invitation that was wrong address and NOT actually for this house. you know what? i RECEIVED it, since your precious little SON that doesn't even want to work for any single THING were too busy with his thing that is so annoying and lAZY and yet you still is very mad with someone that actually DID the job?!

how shitty is that?

Man... i need a break. from everything like i wanna go away and just have a nice sip of coffee, y'know. for ONCE please.
Yet again, she and everyone else in this family will think that i'm hanging out with my friends- just to frickin SPEND ALL OF MY MONEY on TRASHY THINGS AND JUNK FOODS.

I'm NOT. Clearly.

they were always like that. telling me things that is NOT true. like they will judge me for something that isn't true, and when im telling them the right things, they will be even more mad cause they will tell me that i'm so BRAVE and i started to hate them and im ungrateful and all. its just........

too much, you know?

hhh... i wish i could fly and just go away cause i really need a va-ca, man. Really bad.

I always wanted to go to another country, always. I want to travel the world- and have the beautiful experience that nobody else has. I want to see every single thing that are different than in my own country- I want to learn other countries' cultures. I want to befriend their locals, and such. It's just an awesome dream for me, you know. I dreamt about so many things, for sure.

I exceptionally want to fly an airplane.
Like, SO bad.

I want to fly any kind of airplane- anything. I even want to fly on a jet airplane. like those kind of airplane that are for soldiers you know, Air Forces?

I wanted to join the Air Force- actually. but idk, maybe because of i have too many dreams I got confused and mixed between all of them. it's weird. but i LOVE it.

thats all, i hope youre having a nice day also, i know who's reading this. Probably me, myself from the future.

or me myself NOW, after i just finished writing all of these. lol.

I got you, me. I got you.

I love you.


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