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Today has been great, but also real busy. School was tiring like always, and I have always been tired at school. Probably because last night, I slept on 11:30pm. Don't judge this beautiful night owl, people.

I went to school quiet early this morning, because I was late yesterday.. so I was so afraid to come late again. The headmaster called me to her office yesterday and warned me.. so I'm really scared to be late AGAIN.

Today, I got a German Presentation, that has to be done in German Language. I'm not a native speaker, of course. But I am still learning German, so I'm kinda familiar with it.. but I'm still so nervous about it. I was actually really frickin' nervous and I'm shaking real hard. But, when I was called, I could do it... I think(?) I was so happy because I finally could finish it but I think I did poorly, but I'm still okay because I have finished the task, thankfully.

My crush?
OMG. Today he was sooo HaAAANDSOME. Like reallllly.
So we actually have our PE Class today, but the teacher said there is no PE. So we all gathered at class and did the exercise for PE in theory. I didn't do it, of course. Because I couldn't understand any single thing. But HE could. But I'm too shy to ask him, so I just adored him from afar. He was surrounded by his boys and some girls that were trying to ask for his help. I was so jealous, but I could handle them. He was not wearing his uniform, he was opening it and making his uniform became jacket. He wore a nice T-Shirt instead. A white one.

He was sooo handsome and cool in those. Like reeeallly. I could hug him instantly if I were not this shy.

So yeah.. that's today. Pretty nice indeed. I still haven't finished the Sociology task, but who cares? :D

Nobody in my class do it anyway, heehee.

I'm so happy because tomorrow I got to go to the movies with my BFF, Falea. We are going to watch Captain America:Civil War AGAIN! But now, we will be together. I CAN'T WAITTT TO SEE MY LOVES, ESPECIALLY TONY STARK!!! <333

That's all I guess. Thank you for reading this><


{PS: I will finish reading the book I borrowed from the school library tonight, I promise. But I don't want to give it back because the book is very cute>//< but I haven't even watched today's episode of My Amazing Boyfriend. Gotta go watch it after I pray!}

Love you all and keep on smiling. 끝.
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