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Aug. 23rd, 2016 09:06 pm
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hello!! long time no see!!

i'm back!!!!!!!
(ps. hello to my future self if you are reading this!!!)

now is currently 21:10pm on a Tuesday night. Tomorrow is Wed. And you know just how much I hate Wed and Thurs

actually i kinda like Thursday but sometimes I just don't because frickin too many school materials, uGH

this week is kinda a hell week to me. Monday we got more than two EXAMS and a MOUNTAIN OF HOMEWORKS.and on Tuesday we got a frickin map-making thingy magic which got me SUPER DIZZY and MADE ME WANT TO THROW UP.


bcs i was focusing so hard and it was like absorbing so much stuffs from my brain. and i'm completely DIZZY after that.

tomorrow we got a Sociology Test. :) brace myself.

and also German. I dislike it because of the teacher tho, no offense. She's so weird and annoying it's bugging me out, and EVERYONE ELSE.
I don't understand why she is like that tho, someone tell me???

On Thursday we got an Economic Test. :-))))))))))))))))))


And we also got a PRESENTATION a RELIGION PRESENTATION WHICH WE HAVE TO MEMORIZE. I don't understand what's with all of these things exams and presentation and SCORES i PUKED.

And the week hasn't finished already cause FRIDAY is coming and we have a GERMAN PRESENTATION about our FAMILY that is frickin annoying and we have to UNDERSTAND and MEMORIZE everything in German Language. and basically i'm not ready for that. Not. at. all.

we also got a PRESENTATION of the JOB we suggest (per group) and my group suggests BAND STUDIO. so we have to INTERVIEW the GODDAMN STUDIO and made a presentation of it wutTHE HELL.

I don't get it why............ LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I'm so done i am super done i dont know what to do.

I really am. dude

I mean at the same time i want to be a smart kid as always but it's just not letting me to . too many things at once i mean what the heck is wrong i just wanna have a little bit of fun during the week pLEASE.

I'm actually crying. about this HELL WEEK.

I guess that's all im tryin to say today. tonight actually. oh yeah, today i played basketball and everyone is watching me. I guess that's not a too too bad exercise after all. I could still do it(?)

I hope, though.

thank you everyone. and me. bye.

+ps i hate my chairmate so much please somebody take her away from me and i could sit with someone else in PEACE please i hate her so much..
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